Things in the off hours...

Anime, Graphic Arts, & Web Design

"Anime are Japanese cartoons and computer animation. In English, the term is defined as a style of animation originating in Japan, which often features colorful graphics, vibrant characters and action-filled plots with fantastic or futuristic themes. The intended meaning of the term sometimes varies depending on the context."
- Wikipedia

Anime is a wonderful art form in both its graphical artistry, and it's sometimes edgy storytelling. It often pushes past the American envelope to explore topics of real depth and interest. Here is a montage of my own design encompassing some of the various styles.

I experiment in graphic design using Photoshop. On occasion, I also engage in web design for both business and my own personal use. This resume is an example.

Film & Television

I love both film and "quality" television. (Reality TV is not quality television.) Most of my favorites are action and adventure, too numerous to mention. What I enjoy most, is a compelling story that moves me emotionally. If I walk out of a movie theater laughing, crying, angry, or whatever, it was worth it.

Intellectual Property

One of the things I follow quite closely is intellectual property issues. This would include copyright, patents, and trademarks. Coming originally from the technology sector, intellectual property issues in the digital age are particularly interesting. One of my favorite blogs on the subject is Techdirt.